2019 Roar Award Judges

Jamie Grayson

Jamie Grayson

Jamie, formerly known as “TheBabyGuyNYC”, rebranded as himself, Jamie Grayson, summer of 2019. As a former theatre actor, Jamie spent an exciting 4 1/2 year journey as a product demonstrator and personal shopper at buybuyBaby in Manhattan as well as a year at NYC’s top birth education center. Armed with an Angry Baby and no filter, Jamie quickly became one of the most well-respected experts in the baby gear and child safety space for more than a decade. Now based in Denver, Colorado, Jamie is passionate about helping parents make decisions on the best baby gear they can use to make life simpler and more enjoyable through honest and entertaining product testing and reviews. You can find Jamie traveling the globe speaking at expectant parent events, moderating a combined social media audience of over 700,000, and working directly with brands one-on-one. You may also catch him attending musicals, experimenting in the kitchen, & drinking copious amounts of coffee.

Catherine Langman

Productpreneur Success

Through her best-selling coaching academy and online courses for Product-based businesses, thriving Facebook community of Rockstar Productpreneurs, and popular Blog, Catherine inspires a community of confident entrepreneurs growing successful and profitable product-based businesses.

As well as starting, building and selling her own product-based business, Catherine brings over two decades of professional experience working in advertising and digital design agencies with clients such as Coca Cola, Blackmores, RMK Shoes and Microsoft. Catherine now helps Productpreneurs around the world who are motivated and ambitious to scale and grow their businesses.

Catherine’s unique process, tailored to those who are running product businesses (eCommerce and wholesale), allows you to get your brand noticed as well as to grow an army of raving fans both online and offline.

Scott MCCahon

TOP 4 SME Banking Specialist

Scott McCahon has over 15 years experience in financial services with a focus on assisting SME business clients achieve business milestones. 

Working for a big 4 bank (we won’t drop names) for the last 13+ years he has assisted many clients in growing their business and guiding them on thinking of diversification to ensure continued success. 

A specialist banker with a passion and focus on businesses particularly in arts and entertainment, agriculture and retail. Scott has been recognised in his industry as a leader and not-just-another-banker, truly passionate about being able to work with clients to find solutions and to assist in aspirations to scale, grow and succeed.

Laney Lowenstein

Laney Lowenstein is a marketing & social media professional based in Colorado, USA. You’ll often find her hanging out with Jamie Grayson, FKA TheBabyGuyNYC, and creating social media campaigns & launches for new products via his engaged and unique audience. Laney has an event background since she was very young, but most recently has planned & organized over 25 consumer events and trade shows. She is a trained Babywearing educator through center for Babywearing studies, and consults with brands developing new products in the baby and children’s space. Additionally, she also works alongside her husband (who is a distributor & importer bringing cool new products into the US market), to help support his new brands in their US marketing through social media platforms and influencers, packaging, US facing websites, and branding. Personally, she has 4 kids, two dogs, two cats and a guinea pig. She is passionate about attachment parenting concepts, scuba diving, pop art, vegetarian food, travel, and is well-known by her children for not only her embarrassing dance moves in the car but her unbeatable couch-fort building skills.

Jane WOod

Jane Wood is the founder of The Original Toy Corporation, or T.O.T Corp., an Ontario-based toy manufacturer, as well as the designer of the Gertie & Friends toy line and the President and CEO of distributor Bug in a Rug Canada. There isn’t anyone quite like Jane in the industry, she is a powerhouse sales representative who holds a fierce reputation in Canada for selling 40% more baby products in a single line that babies born of the same year. Unheard of. Yet she walks the walks and talks the talk. Jane also featured on the popular television program Dragons Den where she pitched her multi million dollar business to a panel of hungry investors and blew them away. In 2020 Jane finds herself now based in the USA working on a new Distribution and Agent Representation business model for the USA and Canada, working with a powerhouse team and launching in January 2020. Watch this space!

Antonette Golikidis

Would you give up a high-flying, globetrotting corporate career and go back to school to learn about natural therapies? Sell your home and plough your earnings from its sale — over half a million Aussie dollars — to invest in your business of creating toiletries for babies and children? You would, if you were Antonette Golikidis.

The brand, Little Innoscents which launched in 2007, is now sold nation-wide Down Under. It has also made strides worldwide, exporting to Taiwan, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore. Dubai and China.

And to think, it all started in a kitchen, at home, in Melbourne, Australia. “People are very fascinated when you say that you started your business from home. They think that it’s a hobby. A lot of people think, ‘Oh you’re just doing this to get a couple of hundred dollars to buy the groceries’. I tell them no, it’s a lot more than that. But it takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight.

After 11 years of building the company Antonette recently sold her successful business to a ASX listed company.

Antonette leads the way with over 15 years of experience in cosmetic product development, brand creation as a talented business woman, an organic industry expert, toxin-free and eco-friendly advocate which makes her an approachable and enjoyable event speaker and mentor.

Shar Moore


CEO/Founder & Editor-in-Chief of YMag® a national publication empowering women to become the best version of themselves. Multi Int’l Award Winning Mentor, Woman of the Decade in Personal Leadership, Author. Passionate about helping you be your best. As a keynote Speaker, Shar will leave the audience inspired and believing they can achieve anything they want in their lives.

Shar works with a select number of business owners 1 on 1 as their personal mentor.

Shar’s main goal is to fund raise for a home in Thailand for under priviliged children through Hands Across the Water.

Maria is a talented and fierce television producer behind popular television programs such as The Living Room, Bondi Vet, Celebrity Name Game, The Masterchef Documentary and more. With a strong focus on creativing clever and engaging content in the programs she produces she has seen networks and the programs take home awards including at the TV Week Logies.

Tracey Horton is an International award-winning speaker, author, and qualified life coach. She has worked alongside men and women for over 25 years helping to rebuild lives and allowing people to become the best versions of themselves. She has spent years helping people to create their own authentic journey.

Lawry Mahon

Lawry “retired” from VU in 2016, but stayed on as an Honorary Fellow to continue his amazing work in the “Story Writing in Remote Locations” (SWIRL) project. He initiated the project in 1996, after seeing opportunities for engagement between local indigenous communities and his student teachers, while on a family holiday in the outback. In the 22 years since, he has supported over 700 pre-service teachers through the program, which has had significant impact in re-engaging indigenous youth with formal education.

Highly regarded businesswoman and founder of “The Style Vibe”, personal stylist Vanessa Lawrence has become a defining influence in the fashion industry on the mid north coast of NSW, graduating with a Masters of Advanced Professional Styling with Australian Style Institute.

Specialising in personal and event styling, Vanessa’s training has provided her with a strong skill set across multiple arms of the styling business. This now includes ‘Steal my Vibe’, the first designer dress hire service on the mid north coast of NSW.

Vanessa’s extensive career includes over 10 years in the fashion industry, a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, including make-up artistry and a Certificate 4 in Personal Training.

Tracy Tully is an entrepreneur, coach, public speaker and author in mastering motivation, resilience and confidence.  She is a disruptor and firmly believes that the only competition you have is yourself. Her style is unique – it’s witty and blunt, and she makes no apologies for it.  She is a fierce critical dialogue disruptor with 40 years experience in some tough and volatile environments.  

Tracy has held senior leadership roles in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Her vocation has seen her observing people across Australia, from wild frontier towns in the Pilbara country in Western Australia to Nhulunbuy in the Northern Territory, the Gulf of Carpentaria and South West Queensland.  Hailing from a strong and fiercely loyal Defence Force family, Tracy was born in Penang, Malaysia and lives in Queensland.  She is a mother of two and married to a member of the vast Tully clan.


Tracy believes that life is like a box of chocolates, each sweet delicacy can be likened to a goal, enticing you to keep moving forward. But in every box, there will be one or two chocolates you don’t like.

James Yates

James Yates is a Speaker, High-Performance Coach & Entrepreneur.

He specialises in human performance, leadership, wellbeing, marketing, sales, & business development and has worked extensively with Entrepreneurs, Teams and Athletes to amplify peak performance.

His personal and practical experiences as an entrepreneur have laid the foundations to many live educational & high impact events, courses, retreats, mentoring and online communities.

Reignite Enterprises, his life’s mission, creates unique solutions & transformational experiences that support the evolution of consciousness & the expansion of human potential.

James has spoken at hundreds of events across Africa, Europe, USA, Australia, NZ & Asia, sharing his insights and wisdom with a unique, impactful and thought provocative style.

He has received praise for a variety of professional accomplishments, including being recognised as one of the World’s TOP 3 Home Business Trainers as well as having been celebrated as the #1 Sales Recruiter for 2 x large multinational companies where he developed teams that turned over millions of dollars in annual sales.

James is extremely passionate about helping as many people as possible live their calling and do what they love. He has countless testimonials from people whose lives have been transformed by the strategies and techniques he helped them to master.

Based in Australia with his family, James travels regularly to run Reignite’s events, workshops and retreats in locations all over the world.

Heidi Macallan is an 8 Star Platinum in a popular Australian MLM Network Marketing Company. Heidi built a team of over 30,000 under her and put a large emphasis on her leadership skills and enthusiasm for team morale. Scaling the brand into the top leaders of Australia, she has been a respected voice in Network Marketing and an advocate for the industry.

Heidi is still very much a passionate advocate for Network Marketing moving into a new space in 2020 and launching her own business Get Stuffed on plants where she shares her tips and recipes online, teaches through online and face to face classes and private consultancy. She offers catering also, catering formally retreats on the Sunshine Coast. 

Stacey Beveridge is the Company Owner behind All Natural Mums in New Zealand. A passionate distributor and retailer stocking a wide range of household products to reduce the chemicals in your home and help you on your waste free journey.  

Stacey has a strong focus on eco, natural and sustainability and advocates for making changes within your home to better our planet and our health.

Stacey distributes Australian brands such as That Red House, Strucket and more.


“We don’t inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our children…”

Having spent almost thirty years in the construction industry Becky Paroz has demonstrated her unique leadership abilities on some of the most demanding projects in the public and private sectors. As a successful Engineer and industry leading Project Manager she is a Director in three companies and a global professional mentor. With involvement in Graduate training programs and in-house workshops for many of her employers and clients; Becky’s formal training as a Performance Coach allows her to generate learning outcomes that create lasting change.

The 2019 Roar Awards could not have happened if it wasn’t for our fabulous Judges who not only took the time out of their own scehdules to Judge for us, but also sat and gave feedback for the entrants so we could pass on a few wise words. We so appreciate their effort and can’t thank them enough. ROCK STARS!!! 

So until next time.. #micdrop