Top 5 Finalists announced!

Environmental Warrior:

Samantha Spunner

Mariana Boulos

Samantha Oraya

Futurist Award

Andrea Madden 

Steph Piper

Kate Curry

Most Powerful Influencer

Aimee Paananen

Mel Horvats

Roxanne Cambridge

Kelly Van Nelson

Best Game Changing Blogger


Best Advocate for Mental Health

Nicole Mulholland

Sharyn Mackenzie

Kylie & David Bonnor

Candise Adams

Social Change Hero

Tegan Kubler

Melanie Tate

Ruchika Rawat

Mel Wojtas

Katie Norman

Fearless Educator

Jodie Bruce

Jasmine Magdy

Ally Johnston

Becky Paroz

Sara Drebber

Congratulations finalists.
we can't wait to see you in noosa to celebrate.