2020 Roar Awards Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions as part of your entry into the 2020 Roar Awards

  1. All entrants into the 2020 Roar Awards must be from Australia and own/operate their own business and hold a current Australian Business Number (ABN) at the time of entry.
  2. To enter the 2020 Roar Awards, you must pay a $99 fee for each category entered. This fee covers the costs associated with hosting and running the awards.
  3. Please choose the categories you enter carefully as once entered via our website, changes cannot be made.
  4. Entry via our Private awards portal – https://bit.ly/3uNc2PO 
  5. The event will be held at Victoria Park, Brisbane from September 9th and 10th 2021. 
  6. There are a limited number of attendees (ticketed event)  so once the event is SOLD OUT, no more tickets will be released..
  7. Roar Success does not tolerate any form of harassment/bullying or intimidation of any kind towards it’s employees, Judges or fellow entrants. Should you be found to have breached this in any way you will be instantly removed from this years awards and no refund will be offered. 
  8. When entering these awards you give permission to use your images, video, audio and any other materials provided with your submissions to Roar Success, to be used as a condition of your entry for promotional activities indefinitely.
  9. Please ensure that you read entry Terms and Conditions on this website before emailing as your question may be found here. Due to the volume of emails we receive during the awards, there can be delays of up to 7 days for a response. Please take the time to ensure you read the conditions of entry carefully to prevent any misunderstanding.
  10. You entry this year can be made via the written application which is provided to you by email upon paying your entry fee.
  11. Video submissions are limited to a 5 minute limit and must be provided via email upon notification of your entry. Please follow the guidelines to ensure you make the most of your video application.
  12. Names of all finalists and winners will be announced and published on this website.
  13. Judging by our selected panel will be based solely on your submission and all decisions are final and no further correspondence will be entered into.
  14. The 2021 Roar Judging Panel features profiles on each of our judges on our website.  The allocation of categories will be revealed on the website once winners have been announced. This prevents any misconduct or bombardment of communication between our entrants and Judges and allows for more transparency and honest Judging.
  15. Feedback from our Judges will be provided this year to our top 3 finalists in each category. The feedback may be provided in video or written format at the Judges discretion.
  16. All Winners will be announced at our live event (Roar Awards) and announced live via our Facebook page. It is not a condition of entry to attend the Roar Awards live event.
  17. If you are attending the Roar Business Festival + Awards this year, a ticket to the event will need to be purchased separately as your entry to the Awards covers only the entry and not the live awards event.
  18. If you are a winner in any of our categories and do not attend our live event, your trophy and prizes will be sent out post Awards to your nominated postal address provided with your entry. No responsibility can be taken for lost/broken goods once they’ve been sent out.
  19. Your ticket purchase is 100% refundable if Covid-19 lockdowns are enforced by QLD government preventing the event from taking place and will be available to you within 14 days of cancellation.
  20. Your acceptance of these terms is a condition of your entry into the 2020 Roar Awards.