A lot can be said about having the right people around you, who share in your vision and share in your passion and when it comes to quirky partnerships, Nat + Dee take the cake (like the whole cake!) The two could not be more different in almost every way.. ALMOST! When it comes to life and choices the two would walk different paths, choose different ice cream flavours and dance to a different beat.. But, what ties them together is their love of business and more importantly their passion for helping others succeed – with no expectations and no crap.

Dee started the business concept for Roar Success (affectionately known as Roar) back in 2017 with a sketch book and a handful of ideas. And Roar originally started and was supported by the fabulous Jo Van Dort, who saw the ideas and potential of Roar Success and jumped on board with the business. And even though Jo isn’t a partner in the business anymore, she is still a very special part of our story (we love you Jo-Jo!)  and we should probably mention here that we are sure if you’ve dealt with Jo before you’ll understand why she will always be #TeamRoar <br>

Fast forward to 2019 and after mentoring Natalia for 5 months, Dee approached her with the idea to step up and come into Roar to help give this business another dynamic and get it up and ROARING! And of course she said YES.

There are plenty of business platforms out there and they all claim different success and opportunities.. Roar was never about US.. although we know we are at the heart of the business, we really want (and revel) in the success of others and why we still plan to promote our asses off to get this really going, we cannot wait to welcome members into our club and shine a bright light on businesses across Australia via our Roar Awards.

And with the launch of Roar well under way we are so ready to show you what we are really all about.

Welcome to #TeamRoar

Nat + Dee


Yes we know just above we said we aren’t about us and don’t want to shamelessly promote but we can’t keep it quiet!!

Roar Success just took home TWO Awards (Gold and Silver) in the Ymagazine Awards Start up of the Year. Natalia taking home the Gold, Dee Silver. Hooray! And to top it off Dee also took home Gold for Small Business Champion of the Year! #WooHoo

And off the back of these 3 wins we are gearing up to launch OUR very first ROAR AWARDS. It’s all happening. And we can’t wait to make other people across the Country as excited as we are when we announce our winners and send out our beautiful original trophies. #RoarAwards