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At Roar there is nothing we understand more than the value of having key documents in place to protect your business and yourself. If you are looking at starting a business, working with people, scaling your existing business locally or expanding overseas then you will find all the documents you need right here. These templates can help you get yourself a basis covered to ensure you have everything you need in place to keep your business going in the right direction and knowing that you have your butt covered from day one.

You’ll never understand the importance of not having the right paperwork in place, if you cover yourself from the beginning. A quick chat with anyone who made a rookie mistake and failed to use the write paperwork in their business, will have you quickly convinced you’re better safe than sorry!

If you’re not sure on what you need, we are always here to help so feel free to drop us a line at roar@roarsuccess.com

Brand Representative Waiver Template
Order Form with Terms + Conditions Template
Agent Representative Agreement Template
Wholesale Application Template