“A truly great mentor is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget”

Let’s be honest, if you’ve clicked on the mentoring tab you’ve already made your mind up that you need some help with your business and that’s great! The first step to taking action is knowing in your own mind that you are ready to level up your business, commit to the process and find yourself an inspiring mentor who can help you achieve your craziest ambitions and then challenge yourself to go further.

If you’re looking for a really great mentor who can help you get out of the rut you’re stuck in and really take charge and ROAR with your business then read on to find out more about working with multi award winning business owner Dee.


Not your typical business coach.

If I’ve learned one thing in business it’s how not to do it. When you take a leap of faith and decide to run with your own business you get the added joy of a free mental disorder along with it, except no one seems to tell you that before you jump in. But if you ask any entrepreneur out there what it’s really like (and they are really honest with you) they’ll tell you it’s freaking HARD work! You’ll literally have days where you don’t want to get out of bed and it all seems too much. You can feel really lonely, really scattered and that voice will creep in where it tells you you’re in over your head and to give up.

And here’s the thing.. if you don’t have a rock solid game plan in place and a support network around you to push you through, you risk becoming the statistic of the majority who simply give up. But if it’s one thing I am truly passionate about, it’s helping others achieve true success. Not anyone elses definition of success – but your own. If you’re ready to really get your business going, strip away all your fears, get back to basics and start fresh then I can definitely help you chase down every goal and get it. If you’re ready, I’m waiting.

I’ll speak to you soon!

Dee Stearman

Multi Award Winning Internationally Distributed Serial Entrepreneur and 2 minute noodle connoisseur

Dee doesn’t just walk the walk, or talk the talk, she goes outside of the norm and finds the path you never knew existed and shows you how to take it as your own and run!

If you asked anyone who crossed paths with Dee, they would probably all say the same thing.. she never stops thinking, talking or problem solving.

And it’s true!

Her friendly and approachable style makes her easy to open up to and allows you to really change your game.

No topic is too hairy, no goal too big. It’s all up to you.

Specialising in product development, business marketing and scaling your business – this is not a one trick kind of pony show. If you’re needing a shake up in your business and you want to start increasing your cash flow, opportunities and getting your whole structure sorted then this is for you, from a business owner who is still kicking goals herself.

That’s right! Dee still has 4 actively trading businesses up her sleeve (including Roar Success)

There are plenty of coaches and mentors out there who will tell you they’ve had successful businesses in the past and now want to coach you on how to grow your own..

But consider this.. with the changes in how business is done every single day, wouldn’t it make more sense to work with someone who’s still relevant in their own business and still being recognised as a leader in business?

Yep! We think so too.

So a little back story for you all.. as mentioned Dee is the business owner behind 4 successful businesses  which are all still up and operating, smashing goals and winning awards, Her brands are Internationally distributed across 50+ countries with solid distributors who have been integral to the growth of business for the last 8 years.

In 2018 Dee opened up one on one business coaching/mentoring for a small number of clients who have gone on to achieve incredible results, award wins, national media, International distribution, increased profits, increased wholesale and much more.

The key to her success in coaching has been keeping the number of mentees who come on board to a small dedicated number where they could be nurtured and supported. When you work one on one with Dee you don’t just have your money taken and wishy washy one-size-fits-all coaching, you’ll get tailored coaching that suits where YOU want to take your business, not where someone else thinks you should be.

And get ready to work hard and fast, clearing away the distractions, the time wasting tasks and getting laser focused on your business, your opportunities and your next steps.

Dee is a qualified NLP Coach with a Master Practitioner Acceditation and Certified Strategic Life Coach and has also received her completion of a Happiness Life Coach certificate- but apart from the paper qualifications she is a coach who has LIVED, breathed and loved small business for the last 9+ years herself and still in the game.

Let’s be serious, if you’re still reading this then we think you know already whether you are ready to jump in and invest in yourself, so really we don’t need to bore you anymore with pages and pages of text about how awesome Dee is.. because that’s a waste of time and you could already be signing up and getting on with it. 

And this is ROAR SUCCESS not BORE Success!

Oh and did we mention that just recently Dee added another GOLD to her swag of award wins taking home the –

2019 GOLD win for Small Business Champion at the YMagazine YAwards

Yeah she did!

So if you’re ready to start, let’s do this.

And if you STILL need more convincing (that’s ok!)

Check out some of Dee’s current and past clients here below and you can check out some videos on the

Roar Success YOUTUBE channel by clicking the HERE.

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