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So, what do our past attendees think of the Roar Retreat?

Sharon Hunter - Emondo Kids

I attended Roar Success first retreat and it was nothing less then AMAZING!!! I've met some truly amazing and inspirational ladies, we were at all different levels in our businesses but we all learned something from each other and had the chance to mingle and talk about the hardship that is running a business and flying solo. Both Dee and Natalia are truly amazing and have so much knowledge to share and created the perfect environment for us to do so. I also have been coaching with Dee for several months and have already kicked all my goals, my business had a 75% growth since coaching with her!

Kelly Lavery - Strucket

When I arrived at the Roar Retreat I was a red hot mess....full throttle, charging through my business like I was preparing to launch a spacecraft to Mars! I was carrying the full weight of it on my shoulders and feeling it! Over the days my madness just melted away; surrounded by the most welcoming group of women, willing to share and connect. I discovered as women and mothers how similar our hopes and fears were, I was able to lighten my worries and felt immense peace. No longer am I running my business as a supercharged spinning top, I have calmed my inner storm and guess business is still booming! I reset my soul and purpose in the beautiful surroundings of the Lake House Noosa! I will be back.....Nat & Dee, I cant thank you enough. Xx

Julia Christie - Nail Snail

This retreat was the most beneficial I have ever been to. To be able to connect with other accomplished business women and share knowledge and pick their brains was invaluable! Also to relax and just enjoy each other’s company and just breathe! It was heaven. The beautiful Noosa house was spacious and so accommodating. We all had our own space and there was ample rooms and comfortable areas for relaxing and spontaneous meetings as well! The vegie food was absolutely delicious and Heidi was an amazing host. Can’t wait for the next one. xo

Heidi MacAllan - The Lakehouse

I’m just so grateful to have found these amazing business women, mentors of mine and dear friends. Their network alone is a gold mine, for learning from very experienced mumpreneurs to their absolute rock star knowledge in the field of business ownership and operation. Their retreats and none less that luxury, laughter and and opportunities that will propel your business to the next dimension.

Laura Klein - Snotty Noses

“I arrived at the August Noosa Retreat, feeling frazzled, under pressure and unsure of my next business move.  Overwhelm was real.  I was instantly embraced, physically and emotionally, to this group of amazing women.  Everyone willing to share.  Best of all, we had stories of disaster, failure, success, and joy to share. Small business really is a rollercoaster. And knowing that every business owner was going through similar things was such a relief and an inspiration. Dee and Nat showed a genuine interest and care for every single person, and were so willing to give their time, advice or make a cup of tea – whatever was needed. I picked up “nuggets of gold” from every single person at the retreat. We were all in a different position in our businesses, some new, some really experienced.  I learnt through listening, sharing and connecting, and came away with actionable plans, great collaboration opportunities, and a feeling of calm. And also feeling like I could take on the world. International manufacturing and wholesale – here I come!! Three brilliant days of investment in myself, and my business. So, so glad I went. In the weeks that followed, more opportunities and connections have come as a result of this retreat and connecting with the women I met. Thanks Dee and Nat”.

Emma Lovell - Cozigo

This is not just your average business retreat! There's no vision board making, constant note taking or listening to speakers.... You become the content. The Lake House Noosa is a special place and from the moment you arrive, you are able to relax and take stock of where you are as a business woman, a mother, a wife, girlfriend, human! This is a place where you get to fill your cup with inspiration from like minded business women at differing stages of their business.... You get to share a two-way flow of information, contribute and collaborate without feeling like you're at another conference. All the while, soaking up the sun, eating top-notch vegetarian food, making new friends and pressing the re-set button. I would highly recommend this experience to any girl boss whether your taking tiny steps in to a new start up, or you're at the top of your game!

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