A fabulous business retreat created specifically for female business owners, entrepreneurS, creatives and dreamers. And after the year we just had, this is the perfect opportunity to recharge, reset and ROAR into 2022!

If you are in serious need of a reset on your business and yourself... then welcome to ROAR RETREATS!

Not all retreats are created equal
Our retreats are set in some of the most inspiring locations across australia

Our 2019 Sold Out Retreats were held at the stunning Lake House in Noosa.

Some of our Roar Retreat Attendees - Noosa - August 2019

“Three brilliant days of investment in myself, and my business. So, so glad I went. In the weeks that followed, more opportunities and connections have come as a result of this retreat and connecting with the women I met.” - Laura Klein - snotty noses australia

“This was me literally all week at the Roar Success Women in Business Retreat, constantly laughing with a vino, champagne or cocktail in hand. After such a massive year in business, it was an incredible opportunity to relax, connect with such exceptional women and walk away feeling empowered. Thanks Danielle Stearman for organising such a memorable retreat 🥰

– Jade Woods – Little Woods

Some of the 2021 Roar Retreat Daylesford Attendees.

Let's face it! 2020 kicked our butts and 2021 Wasn't exactly been a picnic
(especially if you're in victoria) #nopicnicforyou

it's been a tough couple of years mentally, emotionally, financially and for your business.

you might be feeling tired, flat, uninspired and on the brink of giving up.

You are not alone!

we understand and we feel it too!

So we've created this jam packed retreat where you can walk in, leave your troubles at the door and take some much needed time out for just you, reset, recharge, connect and walk out roaring!

So, what do our past attendees think of the Roar Retreat?

Our Roar Retreats Are perfect if you...

Do any of these things sound familiar?

"I'm just feeling totally overwhelmed"

"I feel like my business owns me"

" I'm struggling with my work/life balance"

"Completely unmotivated because I just don't know what I'm doing"

"If I'm honest I just feel really bloody lonely"

"I really want to connect with like-minded women"

 feeling overwhelm, burn out and struggling with finding your flow


✓  needing some space away from your day to day distractions from your business so you can focus on yourself and work on your business, instead of being constantly stuck in it


✓ Wanting to surround yourself with like minded business women and make solid and lasting connections


Needing strategies in helping to dump the brain chatter and reset your focus 


✓ Wanting to learn business skills that are simple and effective


 Need to shake off feeling so overwhelmed and stressed out


 Need to switch off for a couple of days from your day-to-day routine and recharge your battery


 Are ready to drop your guard and open your mind to new opportunities and outside the box ideas


 Can’t remember the last time you just had some YOU time


  You’re ready to commit to yourself and your business in 2021 and finally take action instead of sitting on the side lines watching others and day dreaming about it.

our roar retreat is the perfect excuse for a productive getaway that will have you inspired, connected and ready to roar!!!

and what happens on retreat, stays on retreat!

Upcoming Roar Retreats

Roar Retreat Attendee Julia Christie – Nail Snail

Roar Retreat Attendee Laura Klein – Snotty Noses Australia

Roar Retreat Attendee Kelly Lavery – Strucket

“If you don’t play you can’t win.”– Judith McNaught

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. the choice my dear, is yours”

Can't wait to see you there!