A fabulous business retreat created specifically for female small business owners, entrepreneurS, creatives and dreamers.
If you are in serious need of a reset on your business and yourself...
then welcome to ROAR RETREATS!

Roar retreat Noosa - August 2019

Not all retreats are created equal
Our retreats are set in some of the most inspiring locations across australia

Our next Roar Retreat
is being held in the beautiful
daylesford victoria
Tuesday 25th-Friday 28th August 2020

Let's face it! It's been a tough year so far.
and you're probably feeling tired, flat and on the brink of giving up.

You're not alone.

we understand and we are the same!

So we've created this jam packed retreat where you can walk in, leave your troubles at the door and take some much needed time out for just you.

This Roar Retreat is perfect if you...

 Are feeling overwhelm, burn out and struggling with finding your flow


✓  needing some space away from your day to day distractions from your business so you can focus on yourself and work on your business, instead of being constantly stuck in it


✓ Wanting to surround yourself with like minded business women and make solid and lasting connections



Needing strategies in helping to dump the brain chatter and reset your focus 


✓ Wanting to learn business skills that are simple and effective



 Need to shake off feeling so overwhelmed and stressed out



 Need to switch off for a couple of days from your day-to-day routine and recharge your battery


 Are ready to drop your guard and open your mind to new opportunities and outside the box ideas


 Can’t remember the last time you just had some YOU time


  You’re ready to make a commitment to yourself and your business in 2020 and finally do something about it instead of sitting on the side lines and dreaming about it.

our daylesford retreat is the perfect winter getaway that will have you inspired, connected and ready to roar!!!

Your Retreat hosts and guest speakers

Dee Stearman -
Roar Success

Multi Award Winning Serial Entrepreneur and Business Owner CEO of Roar Success Wholesale and Distribution expert with strong focus on International product distribution.

Jennifer Holdstock - Holdstock Law
Guest Speaker

Jennifer has more than 15 years of experience in general commercial litigation and health profession regulation. She is also skilled in construction disputes, administrative law, health and aged care matters.

Josie Attard -
Guest Speaker

Senior Business & Cloud Advisor

    16 years experience as an Accountant and a passionate believer in the Power of Cloud Accounting/Systems: Digital Strategy, giving business the ultimate accounting solution with Xero and Futrli.

    Melissa Francis -
    in-house chef and host

    During our retreat we will be provided with all meals, drinks and snacks and the Queen behind the scene will be foodie Melissa Francis, serving up all the goodness you can handle!

    Erin Kumor -
    Massage Therapist

    Qualified remedial and relaxation massage therapist onsite to deliver guest a relaxing experience to melt away those stresses and tensions.

    Danielle Marasco -
    Health and Wellbeing
    Guest Speaker

    Health and Wellbeing Expert Qualified - Naturopath, Nutritionist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Herbalist, Iridologist, Homeopath​

    plus so much more!!
    We want to keep a few fun surprises for you. But this is going to be one epic 4 days that you are going to love!

    Ready to escape and join our next Roar Retreat?

    Need a little more convincing?

    We get it! But don’t wait too long, our last retreat sold out in less than 36 hours. 

    This is a one off, jam packed retreat for women who are ready to jump in head first.

    So, what do our past attendees think of the Roar Retreat?

    Kelly Lavery - Strucket

    Sharon Hunter - Emondo Kids

    Emma Lovell - Cozigo

    “If you don’t play you can’t win.”– Judith McNaught

    Crystal Bylett - Sunshine Tile and Living

    After just starting a new business early 2019 I knew I needed to find a support group. Somewhere I wasn’t going to be intimidated to ask the “silly simple” questions and where I could get straight no BS advise with no judgement.  I wanted to find savvy business chicks who were up to date on latest trends on how to run an efficient and prosperous business in this day and age! So I did some stalking and ended up finding Roar Success retreats and business coaching. The moment I heard about this group of women I knew I wanted in!From what I could see on the outside the ladies that were involved were kicking some major business goals and leveling up big time in a very short amount of time. So after reaching out and joining them all on retreat in beautiful Noosa in late Nov 2019 I knew all my dreams had come true!  I was totally embraced with absolute no judgement and every question was answered from the heart and usually from experience. The girls have such a huge connection to many different industries so the old saying “it’s not what you know it’s who you know” rang true for me and many others! Dee seemed to know so many people in so many different areas and she was willing to introduce me to her solid contacts... I could never have done on my own! That in itself was invaluable! I feel totally supported and ready to rock my second year in business now knowing I’ve got Roar Success by my side!! Oh and I’ve made true friendships that I’m sure will last a lifetime.. for that I’m also truly grateful 💛 Totally recommend connecting and joining this tribe of powerful and heart felt business chicks 💪🏼 #roarsuccessrules

    Laura Klein - Snotty Noses

    “I arrived at the August Noosa Retreat, feeling frazzled, under pressure and unsure of my next business move.  Overwhelm was real.  I was instantly embraced, physically and emotionally, to this group of amazing women.  Everyone willing to share.  Best of all, we had stories of disaster, failure, success, and joy to share. Small business really is a rollercoaster. And knowing that every business owner was going through similar things was such a relief and an inspiration. The girls showed a genuine interest and care for every single person, and were so willing to give their time, advice or make a cup of tea – whatever was needed. I picked up “nuggets of gold” from every single person at the retreat. We were all in a different position in our businesses, some new, some really experienced.  I learnt through listening, sharing and connecting, and came away with actionable plans, great collaboration opportunities, and a feeling of calm. And also feeling like I could take on the world. International manufacturing and wholesale – here I come!! Three brilliant days of investment in myself, and my business. So, so glad I went. In the weeks that followed, more opportunities and connections have come as a result of this retreat and connecting with the women I met.”

    How does a relaxation massage sound right now?
    What about a couple of yoga sessions to stretch out?
    Sitting by an open fire, your favourite drink in hand..

    That's all included and so much more!! What are you still doing scrolling?? if you miss this you'll kick yourself!

    Julia Christie - Nail Snail

    This retreat was the most beneficial I have ever been to. To be able to connect with other accomplished business women and share knowledge and pick their brains was invaluable! Also to relax and just enjoy each other’s company and just breathe! It was heaven. The beautiful Noosa house was spacious and so accommodating. We all had our own space and there was ample rooms and comfortable areas for relaxing and spontaneous meetings as well! The food was absolutely delicious. Can’t wait for the next one. xo

    Ruchika Rawat - Roo And JOey

    “Everything about this retreat experience is truly exceptional. Organisers are powerhouses and amazing. The scenic location, gorgeous villa, informal setting, free discussions, business stories & journeys and the food were incredible. The fellow women who attended the retreat were . It was relaxing, it was inspiring, it was incredibly fun. Absolutely nourishing experience. Thank Roar Success Retreats” 

    If you're ready, we are ready!
    Now all that's left to do is book your room and we will take care of the rest!
    Our retreats are all inclusive so you don't have to worry about a thing, we got you totally covered!

    "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. the choice my dear, is yours”

    Can't wait to see you there!