In business, like on social media, sometimes it feels like the highlights reel and it sucks to be sitting on the other side of the screen comparing yourself and what you’re doing to everyone else. Get ready for Roar Talks, all about the struggles, failures, successes, lessons learned and growth from experts who’ve walked the path before you. Their open and honest discussions, tips and tricks will have you scrambling for a note pad and pen and inspired by their truth. Roar Talks has been created because it was about time we heard it from those who aren’t just promoting numbers and marketing spin. All of our Roar Talks guests are wildly successful, yet down to earth and will have you wanting more.

The new Roar Talk sessions are available as part of our Members Club subscription. Featuring expert guest speakers and discussing all the current events. If you’re looking for a new business addiction, you’re going to love Roar Talks. All interviews are conducted in person and all members are welcome to join the sessions, participate in the conversation, ask questions and be part of it all. Each Roar Talk segment is added to the members club so you can always catch up on the replays, in your own time, at your own leisure.

The Members Club membership is an annual subscription and gives you 12 months access to all the good stuff. What are you waiting for?? 




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