Roar Awards dates to note

Nominations to the 2022 Roar Awards open

Wednesday 1st June 2022

Nominations + Entries to the 2022 Roar Awards close

Sunday July 31st 2022

Submissions for Judging due back 

Midnight AEST Sunday August 7th 2022

Judging commences – 

Monday August 8th 2022

Finalists announced in all categories

Wednesday September 14th 2022

Winners announced at the 2022 Roar Festival and Awards

Saturday November 19th 2022 – Smoked Garage Brisbane

Tickets available now. See shop!

This year you have a choice on how you enter your submission for judging

Last year our Roar Awards written submissions absolutely blew us away! Some of our creative entrants literally created works of art. 

This year, we are stepping it up a notch and offering our entrants the ability to submit their application in a 5 minute Video submission. You’ll be face to face with our Judges, but you won’t have to worry about making a mistake on the day, you can create this video so you’re happy with it and then hit SUBMIT!

No limits, you can showcase yourself, what you do, what you love – you can get as creative as you like!

And hey, if video ain’t your thing, that’s cool too! We’ve still got our written submission that you can sink your teeth into and tell us all about yourself, your business and your story. 

Once you enter a category, you’ll receive an email with details on where to download your submission form or your guide on your video submissions.

This year it’s your choice!

We can’t wait to see what you all bring to the table this year, because last year was incredible!

Some answers to the most Frequently asked questions

Is there a cost to nominate or enter the Roar Awards? There is no cost to nominate a business owner in the Roar Awards. For each business owner who would like to enter officially into the awards there is a one time fee of $99 per entry. This cost is a business tax deduction. Reciept provided on confirmation of payment for your convenience.

What does the entry fee cover? Your entry fee covers all costs associated in running the Roar Awards. Your entry provides you with high quality marketing material, press release template, access to our private Facebook Entrants Group.

Do I need to be nominated or can I just enter? You do not need a nomination to enter the 2022 Roar Awards. You can jump right in and enter the categories that suit you. We have added the nomination option this year to offer you the ability to nominate other deserving business owners who you think deserve the recognition.

Can I enter more than one category? Yes, you can enter as many categories as you like that you feel suit your business. We understand that businesses often fit many categories so you are able to cover off the ones that you think best represent you. By entering multiple categories you also increase your opportunities to promote the various aspects of your business.

I’d like to nominate someone in business? Great! We’ve made it really easy this year where you can nominate a business that you love simply by entering your details and theirs in our form on the Roar Awards page. Once you’ve nominated, the business owner will receive an email notifying them of their nomination and will have the opportunity to enter the category or categories of their choice.

When do nominations and entries close? Nominations and entries close midnight July 31st 2022.

Do I have to attend the Roar Awards event in person? You do not have to attend our live event in order to be eligible for a win. In 2022 we will be back holding a fabulous in person event that you will be able to purchase tickets to attend. Should you not wish to attend the event in person you will be advised via email post-event should you be the winner or runner-ups in your category. We also make announcements on our social media of our winners. Trophies can be posted to you post-awards event and we will be in touch to arrange this with you, charges apply for shipping trophies to you.

When and where will the Roar Awards be happening this year?

Event held: Saturday November 19th 2022 – Smoked Garage Brisbane


How are the winners and the finalists selected? Our winners and finalists are judged by our handpicked Judging Panel in each category and their scoring and feedback is sent through to calculate and determine the winners in each category.

Who are the Judges this year?  Legends! Truly. Our Judges are selected to judge categories that they are highly experienced in and have carved out their own successful careers. We ensure no conflicts of interest by also including Judges from across the Globe, so there’s no popularity contest or friends looking after friends in these awards!  It’s a total game changer! And this year we are stepping it up even higher.

You can check out our previous winners and feedback