When Business Doesn’t Go To Plan It’s Time For a Shake Up!

Business won’t always go to plan, but before you close up shop, it might be time for a serious shake up!

There’s no doubt that when you’re running your own business that there are indeed times that you hit a wall, business becomes, boring, mundane, stagnant, blah.

Well kids, it’s time for a shake up! And I’m not talking about the kind of shake up that Shakira is famous for, but if that visually helps then let’s roll with that. It’s time to get strong, fit, focused, innovative and SHAKE IT UP!

Businesses that don’t take the time to look at their processes, opportunities and goals, instead staying stuck in the same mentality of doing things they’ve “always done” are the ones who will be left dead and buried in an ever evolving world where you have to be progressive.

Progress. It really is a beautiful thing. But it doesn’t just happen. It takes skill, attention and your time so that you really dig deep into the guts of your business and work out where you can do better. Even the best athletes in the world are not content with their Personal Best, they are always trying to innovate, push themselves, explore opportunities, on how they can do better. If you’re stuck in a rut and feeling lost in the masses, then here are some tips on how to shake up your business and get back in the game.

Get organised!

I know you probably feel like you might already have this sorted, or maybe you don’t. But here’s the thing, organisation is just appearing to have a clean desk and work space. It’s about looking at your whole system and getting really critical on what is working and what is chewing up your time. This could be things like doing your bookkeeping, sure the desk is clear, but somewhere hidden in the back of the cupboard are the receipts from 6 months ago that you keep promising yourself you’ll get to. But out of sight out of mind, right? WRONG! Out of sight might be your biggest issue.

See, I was one of these people who figured, that being organised simply meant having a clean working space, so I hid stuff. I boxed up things, I hid them in my cupboards, the shed, spaces I didn’t have to see them. But still they sat. And the reality meant, I wasn’t truly organised because my shit was still chaos, even if it was hidden. Then I got bitten by the KonMarie bug and decided in haste to pull everything out of hiding and go through it bit by bit and how quickly did it kill my spirit. I realized I had a serious organization issue and no amount of sock folding was going to make this better. I really had to get focused on keeping my business life organised.

I spent about 3 days going through every single piece of paper in my office, sorting it, binning it, filing it or adding it to my desk. What I soon realised was I had hidden some amazing opportunities, business cards with the names of great contacts I’d never followed up, ideas I’d written down but forgotten about and never implemented. And then it clicked. I wasn’t organised, I was hidden, from myself, from all of my opportunities and from all of my potential. I needed a shakeup.

So, what does being organised look like for me now? Well, my desk is a total mess visually but I can work on multiple projects at once and it’s organised in it’s chaos. Instead of starting things and then putting them away, for appearances (and then forgetting about them) I work ‘messy’ but I work effectively. Here’s what I learned about being organised. It’s not the visual, it’s the efficiency of doing things, it’s being able to work smarter, faster, keeping on task, on time. I don’t have to waste time trying to find a document or a contract. If I make a contact I now have a spot on my desk that I place the contact and time allocated to follow them up, add them to my digital address book and then file. It allows me to visually see how much work I need to do to work through the desk pile, but it works. It keeps me focused, on task and I find myself being able to work in blocks of time that allows me to have much more free time with my family. 

So my question to you right now is are you working so organised that you’re disorganized? Does your organization need a shake up? Maybe it’s time to messy up the desk, put all of those potential opportunities, ideas and contacts back on the table and start focusing on getting truly organised.

Do you remember when you were just a kid how excited you would get when you had the opportunity to learn something new? The teacher would walk into the classroom and announce that today you were going to do an experiment where you would be really pumped and couldn’t wait to learn, so you could show off your new skills? Well, when was the last time you felt that way in your business? When was the last time you learned a new skill that you couldn’t wait to share and show off? If something doesn’t pop into your head straight away, then there’s your wakeup call. It’s time to get excited about your development and growth. People who are at the top of their game, are continuously learning, evolving, developing and ruling it! People who learned a skill years ago, still stuck trying to copy, paste, repeat are the ones who are going to struggle. Like REALLY struggle, because the world is changing, business is changing, technology is evolving and they are being left behind.

Here’s your chance to self-reflect. What excites you most about the business you run? It could be that you love working with customers/clients, you could be passionate about the product you developed and would love to do more, it could be as simple as you love the social media side – but when you think about what it is you love, then I want you to think about how you could do it BETTER? What skills could you use to help you in your business? Where are you lacking right now? Because now is as good a time as ever to start LEARNING!

In my business, I always like to understand as much as I can, even if I’m not the expert. For example when I started in my business I noticed that my book work would fall behind, simply because I didn’t understand the system I was using, it felt draining and daunting and I was sure I was missing opportunities to do better, so I did what most people did and hired an accountant to do it for me. But that was a BIG mistake! Hiring the accountant allowed me to be lazy and just hand the work over, I still didn’t understand what was going on, like I should as the director of the Company, but I figured if it was being done and I didn’t have to do it then that was the best scenario. Although it wasn’t. The accountant that I hired, one day, went totally rogue. Disappeared. Kaput. And I had no idea what to do, they’d had access to all my financials, my accounts and I had no idea how to keep it going. And then I got a notice from the ATO saying that the accountant I was using had had their license suspended and I was advised to cease using them. AHHH! Cue moment of sheer panic!

Out of adversity and challenge you have 2 choices, you can give up or you can get back up! I decided that I needed to LEARN how to get on top of my accounting, I needed to understand it, to not rely so heavily on others to manage really critical parts of my business. So, I commissioned an amazing accountant to sit with me and teach me. I blocked out the time and I sat, I listened, I took notes, I asked a million questions, sometimes the same question 3 times, but I sat and I listened until I understood it. It was the best investment I could have made. And it changed everything. I finally really understood my books, I understood my money. And I felt amazing. As my business has continued to grow, I’ve invested in learning from the experts, paying them to sit with me, helping me to understand my growth, my opportunities, the processes and the technology changes. Instead of just investing in having someone else just do it for me. I’ve used this same practice for so many aspects of my business now that it’s been the #1 piece of advice that I give to anyone – LEARN! Keep learning, keep developing your skill set, it’s only going to ensure that you don’t get ripped off, stuck in a rut or left high and dry.

Is there something in your business right now that stands out as something you could invest in learning more about?

Once of the easiest things you can do when you feel like your business needs a shake up, is to work actively to grow your network. Often when I work mentoring clients, the biggest thing they lack is a solid network of like-minded people. There are plenty of social media groups out there both paid and free where you can ask questions, connect and learn. Sometimes they work really well and sometimes you can feel lost, and that’s okay too. There are also some great groups that meet in person, hold events and offer you a chance to connect. But what happens if you’re too nervous to attend in person and don’t want to end up standing in the corner on your own? It’s okay, it’s a hard thing to put yourself out there.

As a tip it’s always a great idea to have a hit list of people you’d love to have in your network. It’s great to have friends in business who are all working hard in their businesses too, but what about that next level up in business? Do you have people in your network that you aspire to be like? Someone you can learn from, who can help you step up? Someone who’s walked the path before you or someone still in the game? It’s really important to have people around you who inspire you to want to level up, because playing it safe will keep you stuck. And sometimes it pays you to look outside your business niche for inspiration. I myself have been mentored by some of the best in their fields that have nothing to do with my own, but the lessons and the wisdom comes in the leadership skills they present and can teach you and that can always be applied in any industry. Don’t be afraid to look outside your comfort zone for people who inspire you.

Your network can be created in many forms. With so many social media options you can have networks across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Email, in person, Website Groups and so many more. In this day and age with technology leading the way, there’s no excuse not to have a great network. So get out there and start connecting, you never know where it might lead you.

I’ll leave my connections below so you can connect with me too. And if you’d like to join our Members Club then click HERE for more information on what that’s about too. The more power you have in your network, the easier it is on those tough days to weather the storm. So get connecting!

Finally, one of the best things you can do when you’re in need of a business shake up is to take some time for some self-care. Most of the time when we are facing pitfalls in our business, we are feeling pretty burned out, low, flat and it’s probably contributing to why our businesses are falling flat. Some people don’t realise how closely tied our health and the health of our businesses really are. When you’re running a business and a household, taking time out for self-care can seem almost impossible, but making small changes in your day to day can really benefit you so much and your business will thank you for it. Most of the time you catch yourself telling yourself you’re so busy, you don’t have time, there’s too much to do and not enough hours. But the truth is that’s all an excuse and if you really stepped away from your business you’d probably see that a lot of the time you are investing in things isn’t being allocated wisely.

Some of the simple things you can do to help your physical and mental state don’t take a lot of time and sometimes can be implemented to compliment your daily routine. Eating a bit better, moving more, practising meditation and regular gratitude can be done in minutes. So if you find yourself having to do your social media posting, why don’t you try and do it whilst laying on your back on the floor, stretching your legs out? Or drinking a big old glass of water? Implementing simple, mindful things into your day will help you feel energised, healthy.

I’ve developed really simple changes in my routine that are having amazing roll on effects in my business. I always thought I was “too busy” but when I actually looked at what I was doing that was keeping me so busy, I realised there were opportunities to do things better, smarter, more time focused, which resulted in me having more time. Invest in yourself. Invest in your personal care and share those tips with your friends and family. Self care is the most overlooked part of running any business because for some they don’t see the connection to your health being a direct impact on your business health.

So now, go and grab a big glass of water, stretch your body, take 10 deep breaths in and out and tell yourself something you did really well today. You’ve just contributed to your own self care for the day and I bet my bottom dollar you feel better for it too.

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Hope you enjoyed the blog! Now go out there and shake up your business, it’ll be the best thing you do today.